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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Newberry County SC Updates

Newberry County

Bio's and Short Sketches:
Rev. Giles Chapman
Thomas Harrington Pope Jr.

Nellie Chapman, John Carlisle, Mary Roland Renwick, Elizabeth Chapman Boulware, Ivy Z. Abrams, Orlando B. Mayer JR, Rev. John F. Kiser, Bishop Henry M Turner, Henry C. Summers, Sara Summer Paysinger, Sidney Stockman, John O. Koon, Caroline Mayer Mayes, Laura A. Chapin, J. Wistar Gary

wedding of Miss Isoline Wyche of Prosperity and James Furman Goggans

Around and About Newberry:
More news articles added

The Murder of James S. Gilliam

Chapman-Summer Cemetery, aka Old Dunker
Smyrna Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Summer Family Cemetery located 2.5 miles East of Pomaria

More Info:
Notable Men of the Time - taken from 1902 publication by J. C. Garlington. and Twentieth Century Sketches of the South Carolina Conference M. E. Church, South" by Watson B. Duncan, 1914 have been placed under the 'More Info section'

Mississippi Updates

The additions have been made to Mississippi Genealogy Trails

Clarke County -
Court Records - Privilege Tax 1889
Return of Fines 1890
Historical Places - additions schools & churches
Marriages - W. E. Moore & Bertha Martin
Luther Walker & Alice Mae Kennedy
William T. Schrinpshire & Robbie Miller
Joe McGee & Annie C. Anderson
Newspapers - Clarke County Tribune Jan. 2, 1920
Clarke County Tribune Jan. 9, 1920
Obituaries - Barbara R. Blair
Marcus Howard Bowen
Ruby Parker Campbell
Helena Renea Davis
Rodney Lamar Henderson
Era Ford Kennedy
Jesse J. Little
Mildred Brannan Little
J. D. Lucas
Thomas Slay McCaskey
James Herman McGee
Algie James Moore
Wilda Glynese Smith Pettis
Myrtle Mayrene Pierce
John L. Slay
Leo F. Slay
Velma Williams

Copiah County - Newspaper Articles from The Weekly Clarion

Hinds County - Newspaper Articles from The Weekly Clarion

Friday, June 29, 2007

Allen County , OH updates

Marriages Pg 1

Mem Park cem Pg 2

History of Marshall and Putnam Counties Online

Henry Ford's 1860 History of Marshall and Putnam Counties.

Chapter I: European Discovery in the West Page1-13 NEW!!

Florida discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon - Narvaez and De Vace - Discovery of the Mississippi - De Soto - Results of Spanish exploration - Discovery of the St. Lawrence - New France - Raymbault and Jogues in the North-west - Mesnard, Allouez, Dablon, Marquette, Perrot - Marquette's expedition to the "Land of the Great River" - His impressions of Illinois - La Salle in the West - Hennepin's expedition - Louisianna

Chapter II: The History of Illinois 1690-1825 Page 14-22 NEW!!

French colonization - D'Iberville Governor - D'Artaguette Governor - Grant to Crozat - Company of the West - Illinois in 1750 - French war - Clarke's Conquest of Illinois - Illinois County - North-west Territory - Indian troubles - Indiana Territory - Illinois Territory - Massacre at Chicago in 1812 - Illinois admitted into the Union - Slavery Agitation - Legislature of 1824-5 - New counties formed,

Chapter III: The Old County of Putnam Page 23-30

Northern Illinois in 1825 - The military Bounty Land Tract - Pike County - Division of the Military Tract into counties - Legislative proceedings - Formation of "Old Putnam,"

Chapter IV: History of Putnam Page 31-42

Northern Illinois in 1831 - Formation of later Putnam - Location of county seat - First election - First Circuit Court - Incidents thereof - First County Commissioners' Court - Early poll lists - Township organization - Jails built - Putnam in 1835 - The county divided - Defalcation of the County Treasurer, …. Page 31.

Chapter V: The Black Hawk War Page 43-63 NEW!!

The Indian treaty of 1804 - First invasion of Black Hawk - Campaign of 1831 - Black Hawk's second invasion - Terrors of white settlers - Mustering of rangers in Putnam county - Forts and block-houses erected - Incidents of the war in Putnam - Murder of Phillips in the Bureau Settlement - Stillman's defeat - Massacre on Indian Creek - Close of the war, …. Page 43

Chapter VI: The History of Bureau and Stark County Page 64-75

The pioneers of Bureau - Founding of Princeton - Towns of Windsor, Kin-no-wood, Concord, Greenfield, Farimount, Livingston, and Providence, laid off - Formation of Bureau County - The first election - Early settlement of Stark - Wyoming, Osceola, Moulton, Massillon, and Lafayette, laid off - Coffee County - Canvass for Representative - Preliminary meetings - Formation of Stark county

Chapter VII: History of Marshall County Page 76-84 NEW!!

Southern Putnam in 1839 - Movements for division - Establishment of Marshall County - Addition of range one - Location of county seat - First election - First County Court - First Circuit Court - Court-houses built - Jails built - Township organization - Absconding of School Commissioner, …. Page 76

Chapter VIII: History of the Towns of Putnam County Page 85-96 NEW!!

Hennepin - West Hennepin - Magnolia - Granville - Mt. Palatine - Caledonia - Florid - Putnam (old) - Snachwine (now Putnam)

Chapter IX: Country Settlements in Putnam Page 97-104 NEW!!

Union Grove - Ox Bow Prairie - Narrative of the Strawn robbery - Snachwine Settlement

Chapter X: History of the Towns of Marshall County Page 105-125 NEW!!

Columbia - Lacon - Henry - Wenona - New Rutland (Rutland) - Washburn - Sparland - Pattonsburg -Webster - Lyons - Paper Towns: Dorchester - Bristol - Auburn - Centreville - Troy City - Chambersburg

Chapter XI: Country Settlements in Marshall Page 126-142 NEW!!

Round Prairie - Shaw's Point - Robert's Point - Belle Plaine - Half Moon Prairie -Crow Creek Settlement - Tonti's Stop By The Mouth Of Crow Creek And Father Gabriel's Death in 1681 - Gen. Cass' council with the Pottawatamie Indians in 1827 - Edwards campaign (War of 1812 - Mouth of Crow Creek) -

Henry Prairie - The Reeves Family Incident - High Prairie - Camping Grove - Lawn Ridge - Yankee street

Chapter XII: Conclusion Page 143-146 NEW!!

Failure to receive census returns - Glance at Putnam county in 1860 - Glance at Marshall county in 1860

APPENDIX Page 147-160 NEW!!

List of officers of Putnam county - List of officers of Marshall county - Notices of old settlers (Thomas Hartzell, William Haws, James W. Willis, Hooper Warren, Jonathan Babb, Henry D. Palmer) - Indians of Putnam and Marshall (Shau-be-na, Senachwine, Shick-Shack, Crow, Black Partridge, Mark-whet, Gomas) -

Antiquities in the two counties (Mound builders, Indian artifacts)

Happing Hunting

Nancy Piper
County Host for Marshall, Putnam, Bureau and LaSalle County IL History and Genealgoy

Washington DC Updates

Washington D. C. updates

"Barracks Row" furnished by John Sharp

Naval Gun Factory Band, 1906 Photo and history; furnished by John Sharp

Memoranda Respecting Servants - Washington, DC (1833 – 1847)
Furnished by Jerry A. McCoy

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Woodford County IL Updates

Woodford County Newspaper section has been updated for the following towns:
* Minonk
* Washburn
* Kappa
* El Paso

Defiance County, OH Updates

New biographies have been added for people who lived in Defiance County, Ohio.

Some have lived in other states including Illinois, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and many many other states so it would be a good idea to browse thru the indexes on each page.

Mason County, IL Updates

-Big Grove/Hiawatha Cemetery has been updated with about 50 new names & photos


-World War II Honor List of Dead & Missing--from the publication by the State of Illinois War Dept.
-Civil War discharge papers for George Dengler & Edward Walker


-Programs from Blackjack School in 1901-02 and 1903-04 have been added
-Undated photo of a Havana schoolhouse
-Knox School has several photos and newspaper articles
-Murray School class photo


-24 new surnames added to the list


The Query page has also been updated

You can also visit the What's New page anytime, as it is updated throughout the month

Washington County, IL Updates

Washington County, Illinois updates for June :

Additional articles added to :
By Bucky McCoy

1875 pardon for Virgil Scott

Held query for Nathan M. Nickolaus
Hutchings query for Joyce from Kansas

Researcher's SURNAMES

updated info for George M. Alden - Civil War
updated info for Warren F. Alden - Civil War
added info for Joseph Allen - Civil War
updated info for Leroy H. Brandt - World War II
updated info for William C. Brandt - World War I
furnished by Jerry Cowley
updated info for Lewis Wesley Crain - Civil War
tombstone photo for Daniel Hay - Civil War
added data for george Washington Hendricks - Civil War
updated data for Augustus P. Johnson - Civil War

several veteran's info updated
misc updates and info for Frederick Roettger
updated with data for Cyrus Sawyer - Black Hawk War
several veteran's info updated

William C. Brandt

Perry County, IL Update

Perry County, Illinois has been updated in June.

Samuel Burr Family
James Curtis Milligan
Forgus Milligan
Milton Wiley Milligan

Mary Agnes Luke & Aril Webster Luke

Robert Luke

updated with James Duncan and Aril Luke.

misc updates and updated with info for William Carney Burr
added James Duncan - Word War I
added Aril W.Luke - Word War I
updated Robert Luke info and Pension Documents - Civil War
Milligan data updated thanks to Pam Milligan Vaughan

Curry County, NM Update

Curry County, NM Genealogy Trails website has been updated with obits for Fred Dillon, Buddy Dillon and Minnie Dillon - many thanks to Brenda Sack who sent them in!

Kalawao, Hawaii, Genealogy

Kalawao, Hawaii website has been updated with a list of cemeteries and some pictures of Airport Road Cemetery (which may or may not be its current name...)

Alameda County, California, Update

The Alameda County, California, Genealogy Trails site has been updated with
marriage license notices for
and a divorce notice for ERICSON.

DNA Tribes Announces New Populations Database

New Populations

New Australian populations:

* European-Aboriginal (New South Wales, Australia) (5,116)

New European populations:

* Northern Italy (139)
* Southern Italy (150)
* Upper Silesia, Poland (1,139)

New Latin American Populations:

* Costa Rica (496)

New Native American Populations:

* Bari (Sierra de Perija, Venezuela) (25)
* Yuco (Northern Colombia) (25)

New Near Eastern Populations:

* Duzce, Turkey (193)

Updated World Regions:

The inclusion of additional population data allows us to refine our world region algorithm. Our algorithm now distinguishes the following well defined genetic clusters present in our global population database:


* Eastern European: The Slavic speaking region of Eastern Europe.
* Finno-Ugrian: The Uralic speaking region of Northeastern Europe.
* Mediterranean: The Romance speaking region of Southern Europe.
* Northwest European: The Celtic and Germanic speaking region of Northwestern Europe.

Native American:

* Arctic: Inuit peoples of Alaska.
* Amazonian: The Amazonian Rainforest
* Andean: Western South America.
* Athabaskan: Athabaskan speaking peoples of western North America.
* Central American: Native Central Americans.
* Mexican: Native Mexicans.
* Northeast Amerindian: Native peoples of eastern North America.
* Salishan: Salish speaking peoples of the American Pacific Northwest.
* Mestizo ("mixed") (not shown): Native Americans mixed with Europeans and Africans.

African and Near Eastern:

* Arabian: The Arabian Peninsula.
* Asia Minor: The Levant and Anatolia to the Iranian Plateau.
* India: The Indian Subcontinent.
* India Tribal (not shown): Tribal peoples of eastern India.
* North African: North Africa.
* North India: Northern India.
* Southern African: Southern Africa.
* West African: Coastal West Africa.


* Australian: Aboriginal peoples of Australia.
* Chinese: The Chinese region.
* Japanese: The Japanese Archipelago.
* Malay Archipelago: Island Southeast Asia.
* Mongolian: Altaic-speaking peoples of Central and North Asia.
* Polynesian: The Polynesian Islands.
* Southeast Asian: Mainland Southeast Asia.
* Tibetan: The Tibetan Plateau.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oregon Updates - Coos and Curry Counties

Biographies from "Pioneer History of Coos and Curry Counties" have
been updated.

Alexander County Updates 06/26/07

Alexander County

The obituaries of Virgil BENEFIEL, Ruby ICE, Judith WEBB, and Al KEE have been added.

HARGIS Cemetery has been updated with four CAIN sisters added who died in the early 1900s fever epidemic. Thanks to Karen Schultz.

The SANTA FE and SITTON cemeteries have been added.

New information has been added to the LOST Cemetery section.

Forty-three names have been added to the THEBES Cemetery.

An article from1876 about criminals being pardoned, with a short list of Alexander County convicts, has been added.


Ron Mansker has donated four wonderful old postcards. There is a picture of the 1907 President’s Visit to Cairo, a picture of the subway going into Cairo, the Ohio River Bridge when it was new, and the Thebes water tower. Thank you so much, Ron.

Idaho Updates Online

Idaho- Chapter XV from the Early History of Idaho

Ada - 5 pages from the 1870 census

Adams - Wildhorse Precinct 1930 Census

Bannock - 1 death records; Some news articles

Bear Lake - 1880 Mortality Census

Benewah - Alder precinct 1930 Census; Part of the Reservation 1930 Census

Bingham - Some newspaper articles

Blaine - 3 death notices

Boise - 1870 & 1880 Mortality Census

Bonneville - 1 death notice

Boundary - 9 death notices

Butte - 1930 Clyde Precinct Census

Camas - WWI Draft cards, surnames starting with A

Canyon - Some newspaper articles

Elmore - 1930 Atlanta precinct census

Franklin - 5 death notices

New Tennessee State Data Online

- Abstracts of Courthouse records, transcribed for us by Mary Hicks (thanks mom!)

They are looking for a state host for this site.... if interested in joining our group, read the volunteer information page and contact Kim.

Bradley County - an old photo of the Bradley County courthouse before it was torn down. Thanks to Pam Rathbone, our Fannin County, GA host for sending this in.

Bradley County 1850 and 1860 Mortality Indexes

Newberry Co, SC updates

Probate Records

Obituaries: Alice Agnew Tarrant - 1894, William Calvin DeHart, Lollage Wicker DeHart, Eliza C. Houseal, Augusta G. Houseal, Orlando Meek Jamieson, Albert J. Gibson, Bernice A. McCrackin, Ruby Ruff Ringer, Fannie Dickert, Mrs. C. C. Dickert, David Augustus Dickert, Wilson H. Dickert, Christina Dickert, Mrs. Fletcher B. Dickert, Mary E. "Mamie" Wright Mayes

Marriages: Marriage of Dr. Amos Wells and Gussie Dickert

Military: William Caldwell, Rev. War Soldier

Around and About Newberry: More news articles added

- 1894 College Commencement and Graduating Class
- 1899 College Commencement and Graduating Class

- Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church Cemetery - surveyed by Dean Long
- Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery
- Wilson Family Cemetery - photos contributed by Dean Long

Churches: Aveleigh Presbyterian Church Session Records for 1835-53

"Newberry As It Is Now" - a photo collection of current Newberry taken by our Richland County, SC Host, Dean Long.

Philadelphia County, PA Update

Updates include the Bates Civil War Roster pages. New names added

Allen County, OH Updates

- 1840 census Amanda & Auglaize townships
- Census years listing
- 4 Bio's & Bio index

Extensive Updates to Oregon on Genealogy Trails

Oregon Ghost Towns

Baker County
- Chapter 2 from the 1902 History of Baker County, 1863-1878

Benton County- 3 pages from the 1870 Corvallis Post Office Census

Clackamas County
- Newspaper articles
- 2 death notices
- 1 birth notice
- 1 divorce notice

Clatsop County- 1870 Lexington Precinct Census

Columbia County
- Newspaper articles

Crook County
- Hay Stack & Howard Precinct 1890 Veterans Census

Curry County- Newspaper articles

Deschutes County
- Newspaper articles

Douglas County
- 1890 Canyonville Veterans Census

Gilliam County
- 1930 Ferry Canyon Census

Grant County
- Chapter 1 from the 1902 History of Grant County, Current History 1862-1885

Updates - Ontonagon Coun MI

BUSINESS: Photos of Lake Superior Lumber Co

OBITS: Pearson & Moseler

MARRIAGES: Pearson to Klockars with photo

MILITARY: WW II Hero - John Lewis Moseler

NEWS ARTICLE: "Tale of Old Mellon, A Soldier & His Dog" Wonderful story about John Moseler and the dog he left behind..

SPORTS: 1940's Baseball Team

New Michigan Genealogy Online


Ft. Brady History Old Brochure from Paul Petosky

IOSCO CO MI McMullen entry - Pinecrest Cemetery from Paul Petosky

MARQUETTE CO MI Gallery -- Wm. Howard Taft Medals 1911 - contributed by Paul Petosky

PRESQUE ISLE CO MI "Airport 1955" - contributed by Paul Petosky

New to the Logan County Illinois Genealogy Website

Transcription of Niblick Cemetery in Logan County, Illinois.

Updates for Union County, IL

Union County has a new host, Anna Newell. Newly available on this free site:


ST. JOHN’S CEMETERY has been updated with 17 names and dates. Lots more to come.

JONESBORO CEMETERY has had four names and dates added to it.

ANNA CITY CEMETERY- two names have been added.

CASPER CEMETERY has been updated thanks to Perry Whitaker and others.

ALTO PASS CEMETERY-two names added.


Four obituaries have been added; surnames NEWBERRY, NEWELL and SHEFFER.

Check often for more updates.

Menard County IL Sunames

Added to the surname list is: Bale

Menard County IL Wills

Wills added for John Brewer and Ephraim Wilcox

Menard County IL Schools

-Barclay School has a class photo
-Smoot/Curtis School has a class photo with students identified

Menard County IL Obituaries

64 new obituaries have been added

Menard County IL Military

-The World War II Honor List of Dead & Missing has been added
-The main Veterans database has been updated with : Clarence Cox, Joseph
Deerwester, Jacob Faith, William Menichetti, Marshall Miller, Walter
Neis, William Schultz, John Thomas Smith

Menard County IL Death Records

-The index of deaths from 1916-1950 is now online
-Death certificates have been added for Maud Cooper, Polly Martin,
infant Martin, Samuel Shubert, Vaughn Thomas, Bernice Vaughn, Philip
Vaughn and Richard Woldridge

Menard County IL Census & Mortality

The 1850 Mortality Schedule has been transcribed

Menard County, IL Updates

Cemeteries: Updated surnames for Indian Point, Oakland, Rose Hill and Wooldridge cemeteries.

Really beautiful photo tours, surname lists and burial details. Great resource, offered free by Host Kristin Vaughn.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Christian County Biographies -- Annotated and Hyperlinked

NEW ONLINE: 247 Biographies from "Portrait and biographical record of Christian County, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, together with biographies of all the Governors of the state, and of the Presidents of the United States." Chicago, Ill. : Lake City Pub. Co., 1893. Transcribed and annotated by Judy Rosella Edwards, © 2007. Read on....

DuPage County Genealogy Updates

Dupage County updates: Obituaries for ORABUTT, SCHLAISS, LEMMERMAN, BOOTZ, CRANE

Lake County Genealogy Update


Kane County Genealogy Update


Cook County Genealogy Update

Cook County updates: Obituaries for ARNDT -- BENNETT -- BERNARD -- Bianco -- BICKFORD -- BRENTANO -- BRYANT -- CAPASSO -- CASTELLANOS -- COLLINS -- FERNSCHUSS -- FINK -- GREEN -- HEFNER -- JONES -- JUNGERS -- LITTLE -- MOLLITER -- PAULSEN -- PONTIUS -- REYNOLDS -- SACHT -- Schaefer -- SHIKORA -- STANTON -- ULIJASZ - contributed by Sara Hemp; death certificate info for MEINHART and SCHERER contributed by Helen Kesinger; WILSON burial info in Rosehill Cemetery, contributed by Irene L. MacLean; An updated Payroll List of the Fort Dearborn Garrison, along with the fates of the men listed.