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Thursday, June 28, 2007

DNA Tribes Announces New Populations Database

New Populations

New Australian populations:

* European-Aboriginal (New South Wales, Australia) (5,116)

New European populations:

* Northern Italy (139)
* Southern Italy (150)
* Upper Silesia, Poland (1,139)

New Latin American Populations:

* Costa Rica (496)

New Native American Populations:

* Bari (Sierra de Perija, Venezuela) (25)
* Yuco (Northern Colombia) (25)

New Near Eastern Populations:

* Duzce, Turkey (193)

Updated World Regions:

The inclusion of additional population data allows us to refine our world region algorithm. Our algorithm now distinguishes the following well defined genetic clusters present in our global population database:


* Eastern European: The Slavic speaking region of Eastern Europe.
* Finno-Ugrian: The Uralic speaking region of Northeastern Europe.
* Mediterranean: The Romance speaking region of Southern Europe.
* Northwest European: The Celtic and Germanic speaking region of Northwestern Europe.

Native American:

* Arctic: Inuit peoples of Alaska.
* Amazonian: The Amazonian Rainforest
* Andean: Western South America.
* Athabaskan: Athabaskan speaking peoples of western North America.
* Central American: Native Central Americans.
* Mexican: Native Mexicans.
* Northeast Amerindian: Native peoples of eastern North America.
* Salishan: Salish speaking peoples of the American Pacific Northwest.
* Mestizo ("mixed") (not shown): Native Americans mixed with Europeans and Africans.

African and Near Eastern:

* Arabian: The Arabian Peninsula.
* Asia Minor: The Levant and Anatolia to the Iranian Plateau.
* India: The Indian Subcontinent.
* India Tribal (not shown): Tribal peoples of eastern India.
* North African: North Africa.
* North India: Northern India.
* Southern African: Southern Africa.
* West African: Coastal West Africa.


* Australian: Aboriginal peoples of Australia.
* Chinese: The Chinese region.
* Japanese: The Japanese Archipelago.
* Malay Archipelago: Island Southeast Asia.
* Mongolian: Altaic-speaking peoples of Central and North Asia.
* Polynesian: The Polynesian Islands.
* Southeast Asian: Mainland Southeast Asia.
* Tibetan: The Tibetan Plateau.

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