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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Butler County Kansas updates

Under the Obituaries link you'll find that we've been adding more and more obits. Quite a few under A-G and this will be a work in progress......
Under the Directories link you'll find that we now have part of the 1885 El Dorado City Directory (this will get finished up this coming week); 1887 Butler County Business Directory; 1906 El Dorado City Directory and the 1915-1916 El Dorado City Directory.
Currently transcribing the bios from "Butler County's Eighty Years 1855-1935" and this too will be a work in progress for a while - believe some of the C's, D's & F's have been added
Right off hand, those are all that instantly come to mind, but am sure there have been other things added as well, such as weddings, newspaper tidbits, murders.... soooo check back periodically to see if your ancestors are somewhere listed on the site.
Thanks bunches
Kansas Co-hosts
Lori DeWinker & Peggy Luce

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