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Sunday, August 19, 2007

1883 Pensioner list for Oregon

The "List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883" for the entire state of Oregon has just been completed! All 23 individual counties in existance in Oregon in 1883 have a seperate page for just their county, and a combined list for the entire state of Oregon was also produced.

You can view the entire state list here:

On 8 Dec 1882, the US Senate passed a resolution to enumerate, by town, county, and state, all individuals receiving a pension. This list is taken from that document. It is used today as a major genealogical source for Civil War and the War of 1812 pensioners. Pensioners in this transcribed version of the original document are listed by county, post office and alphabetically by name.

My thanks to Shauna for her help in putting the various county files onto their respective county pages. I couldn't have completed this without her.

Coos & Curry County, Oregon host

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