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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Newberry County, SC Udpates

Additional records added

Have added photos of 1930 clubs - Rotary, Kiwanis, Eagles and D. A. R.

Mary E. Counts, Lovick Miller, George W. Pearson, Clyde Bedenbaugh, Geo. Wright,, Francis M. Hipp, Zachariah and Mary Sparks.

Also added obits for surnames: Lark, Chalmers, Nobles, Morris, Wilson, Willingham, Abrams, Rikard, Porter, Glymph (and more that I forgot to put on the update page - oops)

This section has been updated

1883 Pensioners - list of those who received a pension (either self or widow) while serving in the military (War of 1812)

Around and About Newberry:
More news articles added

Additional photos have been added to the Boundary School page with a special thank you to Sue Ellen Adams for contributing the 1953 class photo
Junior High School has been updated
Senior High School graduating class of 1935
Drayton Street School photo's

*St Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery - close to 1000 burials transcribed with MANY obits added to SEVERAL individuals.
*Sharon Methodist Church Cemetery
*Baxter Cemetery updated

More Info:
Added Newberry Municipals in this section. Includes old photos of the jail, Chamber of Commerce members for the years 1920-30, volunteer fire department and police department throughout many years. This section will be used for 'those misc. items' I'm not sure where to put for now.

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