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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gearing up for NanoWrimo

I am down to 26 hours until time to start writing for NanoWrimo.

In the last 26 hours, I have checked "Riders of the Purple Sage" out of the library and bought a copy of "Pay It Foward" and a cd by
South Side Cindy & The Slip-Tones online. I got lost on foot in downtown Peoria. I knew I shoulda taken the Garmin with me.... I emailed someone two corrections to their website. (I'm SO helpful sometimes.) And I have a kitten napping next to me.

Yes, this really is writing.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Arizona Updates

Thanks to the New host ( Charles Barnum ) of the Genealogy Trails New Mexico State Site for his contributions to
Our Arizona Genealogy Trails Site
His contributions include
A List of the Arizona Service Men who died during World War 1
A List of the Arizona Service Men who died during World War 2
A List of the Arizona Service Men who died the Korean War
Yuma County Arizona
WWII Yuma County known Servicemen Deaths
More updates to come as soon as I format them and get them uploaded so check back often
Barb Z.
Your Temporary Host for Arizona

Woodford County IL Updates

Woodford County Genealogy Trails


108th Illinois Infantry Regiment - Company E

Hollenback cemetery updated – I've included tombstone photo's of those taken when I started the survey in 2006.
Happy Trails,

South Carolina host:

Newberry County, South Carolina:

Woodford County, Illinois: __

Whatcom County, WA Updates

Biographies N-Z are now up and running.

Up next: Hopewell Cemetery Transcription


Newberry County

March updates for Newberry County, South Carolina. Many new things have been added thanks to Cathy Schmidt, my contributor of great info.

In the 'Galleries' section, 'Newberry As It Was' has been added - a collection of pictures taken from the book "Newberry As It Was", book one - contributed by Cathy Schmidt, formated by Dena

Lucretia Adams - 2000; Roderick Babb - 2000; Bennie Edward Hall - 2000; Bennie Gallman - 2000; Essie Lee Suber Henderson - 1999; Lizzie Strickland Thomasson - 1999; Marion L. Cromer Senior - 2005

Contributed by Cathy Schmidt - Mrs. Sallie Dickert - 1949; Jacob L. Dickert - 1956; Jesse Frank Dickert - 1972; Mrs. Ruth Dickert - 1972; Blanche D. Dickert; Elbert J. Dickert; Ethel Bowers Fellers - 1965; Dr. Drayton L. Nance, Jr - 1998; Double Rites for Albert and Julia Ezell - 1965; Grover Todd - 1965; Betty Williams - 1997; Estelle Bowers - 1919; James M. Bowers - 1920; Lidie H. Sparks Bowers - 1934; Lucy Bowers Young - 1935; Mary Barre Rawl - 1926; Anna Dickert Hawkins - 1979;

Bible Records:
Wilson; Caldwell; Sease; Bowers

The Arthmur Thomasson Saga - bio of Arthmur as a WWII POW written by Charlie Senn

Old Postcards have been added

Schools have been added with more to come

Casper Philip Byerly - 1804

Happy Hunting,


South Carolina Updates

Check out the main South Carolina Genealogy Trails site for the following October updates.
Contributions are welcome (and needed)


Obit: Harden, Simpson, Harris, Black, Key, Cromer, Buchanan, Riley, Hawthorn, Fraser,
News: misc news stories added
Marriages: Pyles/Rasor, Ware/Gains, Tucker/Boyd, Baker/Davis, Clinkscales/Pratt

Obits for Dr. W. L. Seigler, Carl J. Shealy

Obits for: Mrs. James Jones, Mr. J. H. Jones, Rev. Thomas W. Seigler, Ann Shanklin, M. A. Cobb
Reunion of Company D, Hampton Legion, Emilee Campbell, Lucy Taylor Belcher

Obits for surnames: Martin, Ashley

Obit: Mary J. Rice

Obit for Capt. P. H. O'Brien, Mary Harriet Walpole, Dr. J. D. Boyd

Obituaries for surnames: McKnight, Plowden

Obit for surnames: Beach, Moorer, Roberts


Obits for: Howie, Lizzie Plume Wicks, Neva Rogers Garden

Obits for surnames: Seigler, Holmes, Bledsoe, Canfield

Obits: Benjamin, Cribb, Johnson

Obituaries for surnames: McLean, McGee, Bates, McClanahan, Batson (2), Lester

Obituary/Death Notices for surname: Culbreath

Obits: Love, Hollie, Adamson, Schenk

Obits: John J. Blackman, Carl Baker, Amos Mungo

Obits for surnames: Mason, Dennan, Cunninghan, Franks, Hammons, McCasian, Draughon

Obituary for W. J. Williams

Marriages: Dr. William C. Gilliam and Miss Fannie Jones Blake; McSwain and Lominack
Henry Gilliam – Murders his Wife
The Murder of David Waters
The Murder of James S. Gilliam
1907 Newberry Fire – the town was almost destroyed by this fire
Around and About Newberry: More news articles added
Obituaries: Abbie Merchant Culbreath, John Leonard Sease, Thomas Murphy, Fannie Ramage, Frances Suber, Anna Ruff Chapman, Pauline Hentz Crooks, Ruth Kinard, Myrtle Summer Gilliam Dawkins, Mary Miller, William Harris, Reba Stuck, Dorothy Stuck, Ellen Stuck, John Calvin Sligh, Surnames: (Dorothy Eustacia Antoinette) Chalmers, Ruff (2), Williams, Livingston, Lindsay, Fair, Jones, Holland, Aull, Floyd, Abrams, Mayer, Richardson (2) , Wicker (3), Dominick (2), Farr, Dowd, Nichol, Hawkins, Hunter, Metz, Cannon, Amick (2), Epting, Lathrop, Evan
Ramage/Sheppard Family Cemetery
Sease/Fike Family Cemetery
St. Matthews Lutheran Church Cemetery
St. Philips Lutheran Church Cemetery
Dickert - Livingston Family Cemetery
Williams Family Cemetery
Bethel Baptist Cemetery also updated.
More Info:
Old time physicians of Newberry county – info taken from "Annals of Newberry". Also upated the town of Pomaria

obits for: Dr. Oscar Glover III, Albergotti, Zeigler, Myers

Obituaries for surnames: Fleming, Trimmier, Rowland, Hudson, Letherwood
Marriage of: Dr. William C. Gilliam and Miss Fannie Jones Blake

Obituaries for surnames: Chandler, Hair, Palck, Merrimon, Campbell, Hardeman, Bronson

Obits for surnames: Burgess

Obits for surnames: Bigger, Hall, Taylor, , Lytle, Rice

South Carolina Main site updates:

Several Irish immigrants came to South Carolina in 1846-1851. See who they are here - Famine Passenger list

Happy Hunting,

South Carolina host:

Newberry County, South Carolina:

Woodford County, Illinois:

Logan County IL Updates

The Surname list at the Logan County Illinois Site has been updated

Alleghany County, VA Updates

Births for the years 1855, 56, 57 & 1858 & more to come
Transcribed and Submitted by: Jo Ann Scott

Larry Wells

State CoordinatorFor
Virginia & North Carolina
Host Of
Orange County, Indiana

Genealogy Trails, Your best source for FREE Genealogy data
Always updating, always free

Sedgwick County, Kansas Updates

The following bios were added:
William P. Campbell
James Richard Mead
Hon. Marshall M. Murdock
William A. Richey
Hon. William E. Stanley
Colonel Houston Lee Taylor
Seth Morton Tucker
Josiah Russell Van Zandt
Adolph Weigand
William Clayton Woodman

Saturday, October 27, 2007

NanoWrimo Update

I normally write non-fiction but I will be delving into fiction for the first time ever with NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month). I'm finishing up the outlining process and gearing up for Nov. 1 by putting my notes on Google Docs so they can follow me wherever I am. That's going to be important since my husband and I are down to one laptop between us.

I can -- and do -- write anywhere and anytime but we'll probably drop into some of the local write-ins. And I can't do that without a laptop.


Jefferson County AL Updates

Newspaper Stories added:

Clerks Vindicated – Bessemer

Social Happenings -- Marriages, Births, Deaths -- Bro. Adams Has Been Heard From.


Andy Smith Still Low-An Ovation.

CARDIFF, ALA., Dec. 30, 1901.

War News All the Go--A Few Jolly Dabs--Personals--Items of Interest


Mrs. Agnes Davis


Christina Anthony - Jefferson County, Alabama

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

McLean County IL Updates

McLean County Updates on McLean Biographies Page at

  1. J. H. Anderson
  2. Charles Barley
  3. Lyman Betts
  4. John Bryant
  5. Dr. Chapman
  6. J. S. Crawford
  7. William Dooley
  8. Gustave Ensenberger
  9. Jacob Eyer
  10. Charles Gmehlin
  11. Jesse Hill
  12. Dr. Curtis Knight
  13. James Lash
  14. Hugh Vickroy
  15. Dr. J. L. White

Judy Rosella Edwards
Visit me at Suite 101 ~ The Jasper Douthit Project
Shelby County IL Trail ~ Christian County IL Trail
McLean County IL Trail ~ Effingham County IL Trail

New Jersey Updates

Some Genealogy Trails New Jersey site updates:
Mercer county - newspaper story about James Wilson
Camden County - newspaper story about Joseph Copper
Hunterdon County - Van Horne obit contributed by Lisa Smalley
Cumberland County - newspaper story about Samuel Rodgers
Gloucester County - newspaper story about the 1822 robbery of TONKIN's store
The state site has a new newspaper story about the 1822 state elections
We also have a nice new Updates page where we'll keep track of all our New Jersey site updates.
Many thanks to Nancy Piper for all her transcribing work!
Happy Hunting!
Kim T.