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Friday, November 2, 2007

Lo-Tech Nano

My old, old, old workhorse of a computer is about to die. I need it for work. All my work. For prepping for computer workshops I teach as well as for writing and web design. And then there is the hobby stuff. And NanoWrimo.

Solution? My good old Palm V someone gave me years ago with an external keyboard. Hey, this thing actually works! I'll probably use it a lot more in the future for other things.

Folded up, the keyboard is not much larger than the Palm V. This is how it looks opened out. Once you get used to the taller screen, it actually shows quite a bit of text. I don't even use word processing software with it.

I use the built-in Memo feature. I name the memos in sequential order so I know the scene order. The memos get uploaded to the PC via a routine HotSync and then I cut and paste into Word. I cut-and-paste fast so it ain't no thang.
I could spend money on software to streamline that but I'm trying to do this on the cheap.

If I could find a Dana or Neo dirtcheap on eBay, I might consider it sometime. But this works for now.