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Monday, December 31, 2007

I Can Do This

Jeff has been urging me to write Moodle curriculum for... well, a really long time. I do a lot of things for a living but my degree is actually in Instructional Systems Technology so Moodle really does make sense for me.

I decided to call my Moodle "I Can Do This." The first "course" is online. Its a free "Computer Basics" course. This course came out of computer workshops I teach. I am always kinda stunned at how some really experienced computer users don't know some of the most basic techniques.

I am developing a training module for genealogy software and started it off with this lesson. Then I realized I would probably use this as the first lesson for EVERYTHING I want to teach. It seemed natural to give it away for free. After all, everyone likes "free."

I really need to get back to cleaning up my own website. It looks like crap and part of it doesn't even load.

I need to clone myself.

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