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Monday, December 31, 2007


I have wanted to weave since my father made this loom for me when I was a child.

It is crude. It is evidence that my father's good intentions far exceeded his woodworking ability.

This little loom is about 8.5" x 11" and I have actually woven little bits of cloth on it.

I have lived in half a dozen different states and have somehow managed to hang onto this little loom.

A number of years ago I bought a gorgeous Schacht Tapestry Loom. It sat in a corner of the basement, still in its original packaging, until a few months ago.

I finally got it out and realized that without a floor stand it really wasn't possible for me to use it. I didn't have enough table space anyplace. Plus, it is so big it has a tendency to fall over. Just when I would start to warp it, it would tip over and I would once again find myself in a tangle of threads.

So my Festivus present to myself was the floor stand which actually cost more than the loom did, even tho I found it relatively cheap at the Dick Blick Art Materials factory outlet in Galesburg.

The loom looks so beautiful on the trestle stand. And it is so large. It dwarfs the fireplace.

I'll need to move it. I haven't even warped it yet and the cat-of-many-names is already fascinated by it! Her name is actually Huitaca but she also goes by Little Cat, Treasure, Precious, Gift, Fluff-Butt and Baby Cat, being the youngest of our four felines.

I guess now that the world knows I have it put together I feel obligated to learn how to actually weave something.

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