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Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Recent Writings

Researching Civil War Volunteer Infantrymen from Havana, Illinois by Judy Rosella Edwards - Finding original copies of historic records is always a challenge, especially because few copies remain. If you're looking for the "History of the Eighty-Fifth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry," you'll find that American Libraries Internet Archive has the entire text online for free. You'll also discover this volume has some special features researchers will find extremely helpful. (Source: GenWeekly, 31/Jan/2008)

And he knew Daniel Boone… by Judy Rosella Edwards - Any biography that includes a reference to a famous person like Daniel Boone is just a little more interesting. But it sometimes seems more like legend that so many people claim to have known Boone. (Source: GenWeekly, 17/Jan/2008)

Migrations From Vechta, Germany to Teutopolis, Illinois by Judy Rosella Edwards- If you are looking for German immigrants in the United States who spent some time in Ohio before disappearing from your genealogical timeline, try looking for them in Teutopolis, Illinois. (Source: GenWeekly, 03/Jan/2008)